Spank Warranty

The Spank Warranty covers all manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the original date of purchase and from an authorized Spank seller (including purchases from web shops). 
Cover is valid only with proof of purchase from an authorized Spank dealer. The product will be repaired or replaced if, upon inspection, it is found to be defective in materials or workmanship by Spank.

This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, negligence, impact, repairs or alterations outside of our facility.  
If you desire to return product for service or warranty consideration, please discuss directly with the store you originally purchased the product from.  Alternately, if this is not possible, follow the Spank Warranty Application steps.

If you think you have a warranty claim, please follow the steps below.

Have ready your original purchase receipt, the defective product and photographs of the defect. If you do not have all three the above, a warranty claim process is not possible.

Complete the Spank Warranty Application by clicking this link. If you have followed the steps outlined above and have not been contacted by a Customer Services representative within 7 working days, please email support and we will assist you in directing your enquiry.

What is NOT covered by the Spank Warranty:
•    Normal wear and tear caused by use of the components
•    Incorrect assembly
•    Incorrect or non-existent maintenance
•    Incorrectly completed repairs
•    Modification of components
•    Incorrect use or misuse
•    Carelessness
•    Leasing or commercial use
•    Damage caused by accidents
•    Delivery and transport damage
•    Modification, defacing or removal of the serial number

The customer returning product for consideration is responsible for the freight coming to Spank (or Spank authorized seller and / or service center).  If the product is deemed a warranty issue, Spank will pay the freight to return the product to you by normal ground transportation. 

iXS Warranty

iXS offers a 2-year warranty. Bring or send your iXS product and the retail seller's original receipt as a proof of the date of purchase to the retailer where you purchased the item.

Any postage, insurance or shipping costs incurred in sending your iXS product for service under either option above is your responsibility. iXS will not be responsible for products lost or damaged in shipping.


iXS products that have been involved in accidents, modified, poorly maintained or used for commercial purposes. Damage occurring during shipment of the products (such claims must be presented directly to the shipper). Damage to products resulting from improper assembly or repair, the use or installation of parts or accessories not compatible with the original intended use of the product, or the failure to follow the product warnings and usage instructions. Damage or deterioration to the surface finish, aesthetics or appearance of the product. Any products for which the consumer does not follow the warranty procedures outlined above.