SPANK Vibrocore™

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      spank vibrocore system

      Ride Longer, Ride Stronger

      To reduce vibrational fatigue and hand-arm numbness, a proprietary foam called Vibrocore™ is injected into Spank Industries handlebars and SPANK Vibrocore™ rims. Adding just 25g to 30g to bar weights, the low density, pressurized core performs a similar function to the soft tissue inside bones, increasing inner wall strength and absorbing vibrations.


      We hate getting arm pump; there's nothing worse than suffering on a long descent or having to cut a riding trip short due to a lack of grip strength or pain in the forearms. That's why the crew here at the Gravity Cartel feels so strongly about the SPANK Vibrocore™ system. Used in conjunction with proper bike and suspension setup, it just works.

      In addition to the vibration damping qualities, Vibrocore™ also increases the fatigue life and durability of the products as well as stiffness. (one great example of this is a full can of soda vs an empty one)

      What to get technical? Click here to read more about the science of how Vibrocore™ works.