Spank IND Presents:
Apex Featuring Ethan Nell

Spank IND Presents: Apex Featuring Ethan Nell
a·pex /eɪˈpɛks/
The highest point; the vertex. The apex of a triangle; the apex of a hill. The highest level or degree that is attained. – American Heritage
The highest point; peak; vertex. – Webster’s New World
Where passion meets performance, power meets poise and professionalism bleeds into the personal, you’ll find the convergence of attributes at an epicentre called the Apex.

SPANK Industries is pleased to announce a homecoming of sorts. Ethan Nell is back on SPANK wheels to round out his assortment of cockpit parts. Ethan’s current kit is equipped with Spank’s signature 359 Vibrocore Rims, High Engagement Hex Hubs, Spike 800 Vibrocore Bars, DM 40 Stem, and Spike Reboot Pedals. Engineered with innovative technologies and built from materials that optimize weight, strength, and form factor; SPANK parts are designed with the pinnacle of performance in mind.

From track, to trail, to tournament, Ethan’s skill on and off the bike embodies the heart and soul we pour into our products.

Welcome home Ethan, see you at the Apex.

Ethan Rides Spank!
Handlebar: Spank Spike 800 Vibrocore Bar
Stem: Spank Direct 40 Stem
Pedals: Spank Spike Reboot Pedals
Wheels: Spank 359 Vibrocore Wheels


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