Pinkbike Racing: Snowshoe 2023 - WC#7

PinkBike Racing

"Country roads, take me home, To the place I belong. West Virginia, mountain mama. Take me home, country road." PBR is back in the beautiful mountains of Snowshoe for another epic week of racing!

Yes, it began just like this, wet and ready for racing... The team arrived in Snowshoe with the fog. We didn't expect any better conditions due to the time of year and location. We can assume that Aimi is always leading when we are about to ride in the mud.

Torin's face represent a mix expression of "this track is gnarly but scary in wet conditions". And With Tibo's experience from previous years he was more like: "Oh sh*t, not again! I want some dry rocks please".

Aimi is definitely back to her original speed. 5th in qualification with some big mistakes. Only 0.9sec from P2. The confidence is back and it's good to see! A bit unfortunate her final run was a bit messy, she ended up 7th. We can certainly hope for a podium again in MSA. Watch more on Instagram: @aimi_kenyon

Ben almost qualified this time. 65th..So close! The speed is coming back for the big man that broke his back earlier this year. MSA next week will be the one. Ben was also doing what he is the best at: Inside the tape Snowshoe and Story of the race (coming soon). Watch more on Instagram @ben_cathro

Wyatt struggled to find the pace on these slippery rock and had a mechanical problem in qualification. He will certainly be more confident and lucky on home soil next week! Watch more on Instagram: @wyatth64

Tibo was feeling so strong on track the entire week. Confident and ready to go fast. He qualified 47th with a mechanical, so he knew that he had a lot more to give in semis. Unfortunately, after a very good first split (top20), Tibo ruined all chances of going to final by hitting a tree super hard. It resulted in big crash and a very sore shoulder (Tibo is still needing to get an Xray to know if anything is broken). Currently unsure if he will be able to race MSA. Watch more on Instagram: @tibolaly 

Pinkbike Racing Runs iXS!
HELMET: Prototype DH FF

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