Redbull Hardline, Canadian Champs & more

Pinkbike racing does not take a summer break! Despite the absence of World Cups currently, the team remains highly active. Last week, Thibault was at Redbull Hardline, Wyatt competed in the Canadian National champs, and Aimi dedicated herself to a strong preparation for the upcoming world championship in Fort-William.

Redbull "hardline" lives up to its name. This track is incredibly technical and challenging, with rock slabs, steep sections and jumps of over 90ft. It is certainly one of the most dangerous track in the world. I was feeling super confident this year and ready to send it on a race run. Unfortunately, the race couldn't take place on Sunday due to critical weather conditions. The strong winds made it unsafe to attempt the big features. However, the training sessions were good fun. The event garnered a lot of enthusiasm from fans, evident from the reactions on social networks. Additionally, I've recently started a Vlog to tell more about the team this year. Even if it's all in French, I invite you to have a look at it. Instagram: @tibolaly Youtube: @lalycheTV

Wyatt participated in the Canadian National champs, aiming to secure his ticket for the World championships in Fort-William, and he succeeded! We are incredibly excited to have one more rider representing us at Worlds this year. Way to go, Wyatt! He achieved an impressive P4 position in a highly competitive field.

In the past few days, Aimi was training a lot. Her primary goal is to prepare herself for Worlds, and she's determined to reach top performance.She is currently exploring areas in Wales and Scotland that resemble the conditions of Fort William, aiming to replicate them in her training. Aimi is also racing British national champs this week!

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