Paul Basagoitia is Back on the Bike

It's been a tough road for Paul Basagoitia, but it has been inspiring to follow his journey to getting back on bikes after a life-changing spinal cord injury suffered at the Red Bull Rampage.

Though it looked doubtful he would ever walk again, he rose against all the odds and is now walking with the use of a cane. The HBO Documentary Any One of Us provides a record of Paul's life after his injury and the harsh reality of spinal cord injuries.

Although he lacks full use of his lower legs and feet, he is able to ride a bike again with the use of the technology found in electric bikes. 

When Paul was injured, we were crushed for him, but as sponsors have stood by his side, and it's been inspiring to see him overcome all his challenges while continuing to inspire others.

Paul rides iXS for apparel and protection, and Spank Industries components keep his ride rolling safely and reliably. According to Paul, the vibration-damping qualities of Vibrocore have made a significant enhancement to his riding experience.


Spank Industries


Thanks to SR Suntour for creating this great piece, and JP Gendron for the use of his photography. 

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  • Alain Abiera

    Nice to see Paul Bas is back!

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