NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT - iXS Trigger AM Helmet & Trigger Guard

With this release iXS is launching its newest helmet development - the Trigger AM.

The Trigger AM is based on the well regarded and world-famous Trail RS helmet. Featuring state of the art technology and properties, the Trigger AM helmet is designed alongside the characteristics of a modern open face helmet with a lower back and a 3-level adjustable visor to secure space for goggles.



Its featured Vortex™ molded aeration system provides consistent airflow and cooling. The integrated Fidlock™ magnetic closure system provides easy handling and proper safety. An ergonomic padding system ensures comfort without inhibiting the airflow. For improved fit and adaptability, the Trigger AM comes with the iXS specific ErgoFit Ultra™ retention system allowing horizontal and vertical adjustment with precision interlocking.

Trigger AM fulfills European and US safety standards, comes in 5 color options and is available in size SM 54-58cm & ML 58-62cm.




Innovative, user-friendly fastener system that combines the advantages of a magnetic fastener with those of mechanical locking functionality. (Source:

Precision interlocking

Dial disc. Micro adjustments. Easy to access and to adjust to personal comfort.

Ergo Fit Ultra™

Lightweight Flexible cradle keeps the helmet securely in position without causing heat build up or discomfort.

3-Level visor adjustability

Allows space to rest goggle and to adjust visor to preferred position.




With this release iXS is launching its newest knee-/shin guard development - the Trigger.

Featuring state of the art technology and properties, the Trigger is designed to incorporate the characteristics of a soft pad and iXS’s best-known properties. Increased safety, comfort, fit and function, the Trigger features two asymmetrically designed protective and absorbent pads made of iXS’s Xmatter™ open cell compound technology. The asymmetrical characteristics allow for perfect fit alongside any body ergonomics and therefore stays in place perfectly when pedaling. Designed for a more aggressive type of riding, this pad provides a large protection area and covers not only the knee area but also extends towards the lower shin part.




EN approved (EN1621-1:2012 L1).

Smart, high impact energy absorbing open cell slow rebound foam compound. Ergonomically designed pads ensure maximum protection with minimal volume. Highly ventilated to reduce heat build up.

Asymmetrical design

Left and right specifically and individually formed for improved comfort and fit. Prevents from moving while pedalling.


Large vents are directly linked via channels in the Xmatter pad with multiple vents to keep cool air flowing through the ad and ensure warm air exits and humidity exit.

Anatomical shape/function

The ergonomically formed 3D pad allows for highest flexibility and adapt its fit along with any body ergonomics. Its flexible folding zone allows for pedalling.


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