Pinkbike Racing: Mont-Sainte-Anne 2023 - WC#8 Final Round

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We find ourselves at the culmination of the 2023 World Cup season, marking the final round. It's as if the season kicked off just yesterday, but a remarkable six months have passed featuring setbacks like non-qualifications and injuries, but also glorious moments on the podium. This season has been a profound emotional rollercoaster, and thankfully, it's concluding on a high note for Pinkbike Racing!

One last pre-training inspection for the mechanics. MSA Track is well known to be tough on bikes and we are lucky to have dedicated people like Torin and Peter to help us with that.

We were ready to ride on the snow here in MSA at this time of the year but no. It was warm and dusty.That was quite a good surprise. We love when summer just goes on.

Daddy Cathro was keen to do well on the last one of the season. Unfortunately, a flue got him down and he didn't feel well enough to line up for a qualification run. Anyways, thanks to a lot of medication, he managed to create some excellent trackside videos for Pinkbike: Inside the tape Mont-Sainte-Anne and Story of the race. Watch more on Instagram @ben_cathro

Last junior race ever in the Junior Category for Aimi. We said after Snowshoe that a podium was definitely possible... 4th this time. It was really close, it was also good to see Aimi back to her early-season form after some difficult past races. On her final run, her time performance would have almost qualified her for the elite women's category. Which bodes well for her next year. Watch more on Instagram: @aimi_kenyon

BIG BIG RELIEF for Wyatt!!! After an entire season filled with frustration, whether it was mechanical issues, crashes, or simply struggling with confidence on the bike, he finally qualified just on the Bubble (25th with a crash). So, the next day, in the finale, he was the first to set off, clocking an impressive time of 4:11 and clinching 8th place. He held onto the leader's position for quite some time. It seems that racing at home finally allowed him to express himself the way he wanted to. We knew that Wyatt had the potential to be a fast junior rider, and he proved it this week in MSA. Watch more on Instagram: @wyatth64

Throughout this week, Tibo took on the role of the line guide. His sole focus was assisting Aimi and Wyatt in discovering the best lines on track to enhance their performance. As a result of his crash in Snowshoe, the upper part of his humerus is fractured, and the tendons in his shoulder are also bruised. This injury will keep Tibo away from riding for a minimum of six weeks. However, he plans to make the most of this time by preparing PBR for the 2024 season! Watch more on Instagram: @tibolaly and on Youtube: Lalyche TV

Pinkbike Racing Runs iXS!
HELMET: Prototype DH FF

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