How Spank Industries Alloy Mountain Bike Handlebars Are Made

 Ever wonder how bicycle handlebars are manufactured and made? Spank Bikes invited the media team from Pinkbike to visit the factory where Spank handlebars are manufactured for a behind the scenes look.

Since this video was produced, the production process of Spank Industries Handlebars has changed slightly. Spank has migrated to a shot peen finishing process which is now applied to increase fatigue resistance and durability.

 spank handlebar manufacturing


In addition, Spank Vibrocore bars undergo an additional, proprietary process in which specially formulated foam is injected into the bars. This biodegradable, complex foam core is formulated to a precisely controlled density, and is designed to move the natural resonant frequency into higher, less harmful ranges and effectively "take the Buzz out of the Bar". Learn more about the SPANK Vibrocore™ system here, or shop all Spank Industries Handlebars here.

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