DARKFEST 2022 - We're back at the wildest freeride event of the year!

2022 Darkfest  - South Africa- Bienve sends it on the 90-ft  jump, the same feature that riders will select the SPANK Best Whip '22 on this year.  Photo:  Eric Palmer

SPANK INDUSTRIES has been supporting DarkFest pretty much since its inception.  Not just because the event is the highlight annual activation of our long-time pro athlete Sam Reynolds, not only because this event continues to bring together the most epic collective of freeride big hitters year-on-year, but also because the event has always been hosted on SPANK's 'home soil' of South Africa.


The earliest DarkFest events were staged in Knysna, South Africa - about a 2-hr coastal drive away from where the SPANK Industries crew first became involved in mountain biking in the 1980's.  Knysna was our 'Whistler' back in the 80's, being the meeting point and melting pot between the best surfing spots and first dedicated MTB trails along the South African east and west coast 'garden route'.
2017 Darkfest  - Knysna, RSA - Sam Reynolds bails on the first test run of the mega roll-in.  This event has never been afraid to push the limits. Photo:  Ale de Lullo
The 2022 Darkfest is again hosted amidst the mountain vineyards of South Africa's Western Cape, a short drive from Cape Town.  Our Cape Town based South African Distributor, KarmaNow, is stoked to be the local SPANK host this year to five SPANK Pro's including event owner and director Sam Reynolds, our Spaniard and Masters of Dirt legend Bienvenido Aguado Alba, Redbull Rampage podium's Ethan Nell, Slopestyle World Champion and Triple Crown Champ Nicholi Rogatkin, and South African DH Champ title holder as well as iXS DH Cup podium title rider Theo Erlangssen.  To say we are amped to see what the SPANK boys are going to pull off this week ahead, is somewhat an understatement!

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