Welcome to The Gravity Cartel

The goal of The Gravity Cartel is to support both iXS Sports and SPANK Industries as the US Sales and Service office, helping to deliver premium crafted and sustainable parts, apparel, and protection to the mountain bike and gravel markets.

SPANK Industries has become one of the most esteemed Alloy builders around the globe. With turn-key, in-house design, development, testing, and production, SPANK Industries vision is to the perfect symbiosis of weight optimization, enhanced performance, and cutting-edge style and do it at an affordable price. 

SPANK leads the charge in the move toward responsible production of safe, high performance carbon fiber alternatives. SPANK is a brand with equal parts technology and product innovations, as it has heart and commitment to MTB. 

iXS Sports produces and sells high quality MTB apparel and protection, with a commitment to continuous improvement and learning with regards to environmental consciousness and how the brand conducts business.

Why "the Gravity Cartel?"

Sustainability is a product property, a lifestyle, a conviction, and above all a responsibility – not just in raw materials, but also in connection with the procurement and processing of those materials, and right through to The Gravity Cartel of the finished product to the global market.

As an example, iXS uses raw materials for apparel that are derived from recycled PET bottles. These are collected, cleaned, ground, processed and then melted down to be spun into yarn. This results in a top-quality polyester textile, saving up to 50 percent of the energy used in the production process and around 50 percent of CO2 emissions in comparison to using virgin Polyester.

The Gravity Cartel is proud to represent both iXS and SPANK with their sustainability initiatives along with Sales and Service in the US Market.


Here's what one of our many happy customers had to say about The Gravity Cartel:

Big shout out to Victor and the folks at The Gravity Cartel! Met Victor at the recent Outerbike event in Moab, Utah. Wanted to purchase one of their excellent handlebars for my bike and a helmet while I was there. Due to the popularity of the items, Vic did not have my size helmet left and specific bar on site but asked me to get with him after I got back home to NY and he could get to his warehouse. I ended up buying a demo helmet which was a bit snug. Long story short - Vic was all over it after the event and I got my bars shipped, he exchanged my helmet for a size large and threw in an extra item as well.. This was service above and beyond what I was expecting and from being in the business for 30 years, unfortunately is lacking these days. I am now a fan of Gravity Cartel and would recommend their products/service to anyone!

- Nick